With 20 years of experience in the team of laminating and producing composite products using pre-preg, CFUK Concepts Ltd has the capability to handle projects from start to finish including the design of components, from tooling design and machining of tooling through to the manufacture of the components. These components can be manually finished or where tolerances are critical, they can be machined on our CNC machining centres. CFUK Concepts Ltd has a large 1.6 x 12.00-metre autoclave as well as a 2m x 5m Autoclave, this means large components are not a problem. For smaller parts, we have the option of using our smaller autoclave.
Due to our extensive experience manufacturing complex composite components, we have the specialised knowledge and capabilities to help clients design, engineer and manufacture unique, innovative components and tooling suited to their needs. Whether it’s components for high-performance cars, sports equipment or even more personal projects we make sure that our client’s designs are manufactured according to the very highest standards.

We currently provide components for

Sports and Leisure
We can help you get ahead of the competition by helping to design and create lighter, stronger and more durable sports equipment.
More and more elite sportsmen and women, as well as sport equipment manufacturers, are realising the huge benefits of using composite materials to gain a competitive edge in their respective sports.
Most sports can be improved with specialised sports equipment created from composite materials, some of these sports include golf, tennis, hockey, cycling, surfing and skiing. We can help athletes achieve optimal performance and strength, by providing specialist, lightweight and robust equipment.
Our team assists companies in creating safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles by using composites that are not only lightweight but have the ability to absorb impact with little to no damage.
We provide composite manufacturing for any component or part needed for the automotive industry and understand the need to create high performing, lightweight vehicles with low CO2 emissions. – Composites are mainly used in Automotive for their performance-enhancing ability. Lighter, stronger components for motorsport.
CFUK Concepts Ltd can deliver components to aid in longevity to critical components required in the automotive trade.
We are able to mould composites into some of the most complex shapes which enable us to cater to the needs of manufacturers in the medical industry. Using composites to produce equipment, such as wheelchairs and prosthetics, has become a popular choice among the medical community. Composite materials can provide effective mobility solutions as they are lighter, with added durability and are even more cost-effective than conventional metals; such as aluminium and titanium.

Component Finishing and Machining

CFUK Concepts Ltd has experience of making products for racing cars, to aerodynamic surfaces, enclosures and bracketry. CFUK Concepts Ltd makes parts for the sports and leisure industry such as specialist cycle frames, automotive components and cosmetic parts.
A composite product is not complete until it has been finished or machined to its final form. For simple parts where tight tolerances are not critical, it may be acceptable to trim parts using hand tools and the high level of skill of the CFUK Concepts Ltd manufacturing team.
However, where composite materials are used in highly stressed applications, structural components or aerodynamic elements, dimensional control of the finished part is critical. CFUK Concepts Ltd has access to machining facilities to finish composite parts. We also have the capability to accurately mill composite components in our brand new Haas VF4SS or CNC router.
This machining capability is backed up with dimensional inspection capability including, CNC coordinate measuring, WIPS (Wireless Intuitive Probing System) and conventional gauges and inspection jigs.

Design for Manufacture

Using the latest technologies and specialist analysis software, combined with our extensive design and project management experience, we can proactively review product and design components and tooling to ensure compatibility with our CNC pattern and moulding capabilities, suggest changes for ease of manufacture and to optimise all manufacturing processes, ensuring the best quality, to meet customer-specific requirements.

Composite Mould Manufacturing

We have experienced in composite moulding; a process whereby a mould or component is made by layering glass, aramid or carbon fibre pre-preg laminate into or onto the prepared pattern. After this, they are then cured in the autoclave to create composite moulds that are strong and durable. Moulded parts come out perfectly shaped and require little to no finishing work.
The moulding of carbon and glass fibre is used to shape a large variety of complex-shaped components such as car bodies and industrial fixtures due to the versatility of the composite material and the efficiency of the moulding process.

Research & Development

Project success is achievable with a full complement of design and prototyping services. Your project will be supported by a team of dedicated and skilled professionals who find solutions to meet your design and development needs. With our years of combined expertise and commitment to high-calibre components across a wide range of disciplines in the composite industry, we believe we are perfectly placed to offer a comprehensive R&D / component proto-typing service. Whether it’s a new product, redesign or concept, CFUK Concepts Ltd utilizes years of industry experience to prototype your concept or ramp up production.

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