CFUKC Launch their own brand of “Economical” Autoclaves!

CFUK Concepts will be launching their first ever range of new Autoclaves aimed towards the Composites market. Being a small company ourselves, we understand the struggles of obtaining an autoclave. Everyone who is in the Composites industry will know that you dont get much change out of £70,000 and thats just for an average sized machine. Well, that all changes from now on as we have been working closely with our supply chain and we have built up good working relations to allow us to be able to bring high quality Autoclaves at a fraction of the price of our nearest competitor.

Our new vessels will be aimed towards SME as well as larger firms to allow companies of all sizes in with a shot of gaining the benefits of fully Autoclaved components. We will be showcasing our first machine at our site in Scotland and aim to have an operational machine for clients to trial by June 2019. These vessels will have the same “bells and whistles” as the current market crop and will boast the likes of PLC control systems, Vacuum manifold  control with multiple lines, Digital Air pressure control, 150 degree C+ and working pressures of 7 bar. Our machines will all be CE approved and legally certified for UK and EU usage. We expect our 1.5m x 3m PLC controlled vessel to be retailing for £39000 which is over £20,000 less than our competitor of similar specification. All our machines will come with a 12 month parts warranty. Autoclave sizes can range in excess of 6m diameter and 20m long if required.

Please feel free to contact the team to discuss further with regards to specifications and sizes. Interested customers are welcome to our site for a demonstration