CFUKC Autoclaves

The Company - CFUKC
CFUK Concepts Ltd was established in the year 2015 and at present, it operates from the main facility in the North of Scotland. The core areas of our business are split across 3 fields, Manufacturing of components, prepreg material supply and the design and development of high-quality composite autoclaves. Starting from humble beginnings, our aim was to build our brand on offering high-end products with good honest customer service. This mentality has paid dividends to our company and has seen us grow year on year supplying companies across many industries with 90% of our business being repeat work. CFUKC has joined forces with Olymspan to develop an already high-quality machine and take it to the next level. Our CFUKC range of Autoclaves offers a specification that is one of the highest in the composite Autoclave industry yet remaining at a price unrivalled by our nearest competitors.
CFUKC is a company that works first hand in the development and production of high-end composite components and with our experience in manufacturing and what is required from an Autoclave in real-life circumstances, our autoclaves are perfectly suited for any composite facility.

Why our Autoclaves are best suited for your business

CFUKC is an established company based in the UK producing high-quality composite components into the metrology and marine markets. We have strong knowledge in prepreg processing which is dominantly autoclave curing. Being a modest-sized firm in the UK, we can offer brilliant customer service and are able to respond and react rapidly to suit your requirements. This allows us to offer good technical service with all our vessels, which can be a difficult challenge with overseas firms. Although our machines are the most cost-efficient machines on the market to date, don’t be fooled into thinking this is related to quality. All our machines are made to the rigorous British standards and comply with EN regulations. Each machine is CE approved and supplied with full documentation. With German components and a Siemens S700 PLC system you can be assured our machines are as good as anything on the market, spec for spec, nothing comes close on price. Our goal as a company is to offer high-quality reliable machines at realistic prices to suit all sizes of companies. Accompany this with good UK customer service and technical assistance, this is what makes CFUKC Autoclaves the best suited for any developing business.

We don’t forget the small enterprise companies!
Although we can offer any size and specification to suit your needs, we decided to also produce a "production model" machine that also takes into consideration the requirements of small composite facilities as well as Tier 1 outfits. With our production model, our goal was to develop an autoclave that will allow SMEs to jump onto the "Autoclave ladder" and give them a fighting chance within the demanding composite industry. We know first-hand how difficult it was starting out from humble beginnings, so our plan was to create a fantastic machine that remains within the financial reach of everyone. Our base model comes with the following specifications;
• 1.5m x 3m internal dimensions .
• 6 bar maximum working pressure.
• 160 degrees C maximum temperature.
• fully integrated vacuum system with an air receiver.
• Siemens S700 PLC system with Schneider electronics.
• HML colour touch screen to allow the user to control heat, pressure, cure cycle and vacuum indication.
• Automatic pressure and heat control with cure cycle recipe storage.
• Cure cycle print out.
• 3 degrees C +/- uniformity.
• 4 vacuum manifold system.
• centrifugal fan system.
• Fully CE approved .
• Comes fully contained on a steel frame for superior handling and efficiency.
• Free delivery to your premises.
• 1 year’s parts warranty as standard on everything.
This spec machine is for sale for £54995 ex Vat. Price includes everything delivered to your door. All you will require is an electrician to connect your new Autoclave to your premises and an air supply and you’re ready to make parts.

We are now offering finance -

CFUKC is regulated by the financial conduct authority and we have been issued a CF8 apportionment and oversight licence to broker credit. We have teamed up with Tower leasing who can offer some brilliant finance deals. Finance options can also prove CHEAPER than a straight purchase as you can use your loan repayments as a tax offset. The illustration below demonstrates how this works.

The specifications available

As our machines are built for you and your requirements, we can change any aspect of the vessel and components to suit your requirements perfectly. With maximum sizes up to 6m in diameter and over 30m in length, we can build a machine to suit everyone. Our vessels come standard with a 160 degrees’ max temperature, however, we can produce machines capable of 400 degrees C for a small surcharge. Cooling systems of 1-8 degrees/min and high accuracy autoclaves of 1.5-2 degrees +/- uniformity for Aerospace applications are also achievable.

So whether you are looking for a high-temperature autoclave or an autoclave with 50bar working pressure, we will be able to spec and build to suit your needs.

Accreditations of our Autoclaves

CFUKC Autoclaves are built by our contracted supplier to the highest of standards. We have accreditations and certifications such as ISO 9001, EU/CE accreditations and ASME accreditations you can rest assured that all our autoclaves are made to the highest of standards;

Built to comply with either PD5500 or EN13445.
Fully compliant with PM73 safety guidelines.


All our vessels come with a minimum of 1 year. We can also offer extended warranties and engineering service packages to ensure your autoclave remains serviced and up to spec.