CFUKC launch new range of “Economical” Composite Autoclaves

As anyone within the composite industry will know, composite autoclaves are very expensive yet vital for high quality components. For many new companies or SME’s, these machines can easily be out of budget yet the advantages these machines offer in terms of superior quality finishes, lower cost materials, quicker cure times, and stronger/lighter components… every company still strives to have one. So, CFUKC have come up with a solution!

CFUKC will be able to offer high quality brand new machines with PLC control systems and CE approval for UK use. We will be looking to launch our first machine within the next 3 months which will be available to trial and run at our facility in Scotland. We will be starting with a 1.5m x 3m machine with a 150 degree C temperature range and a working pressure of 7bar. Key features will include a quick lock door, PLC control system, dedicated vacuum system and a controlled pressure system. Everything you need from an Autoclave at a cost of £39000. These machines will come with a 12 month parts warranty and are fully certified for UK use. Other sizes will be available on request.

We know first hand how hard it is to get a quality machine to produce components and finding a machine of this specification would set you back over £70,000 with any of the current suppliers. So our aim is to build high quality machines at realistic prices and we are excited to show case our first machine in a matter of months! For further details please feel free to contact us or click on the box below!