CFUKC secures contract to become sole manufacturer of Metrology and Calibration products for Irish firm.

CFUK Concepts are delighted to announce that we are now the sole manufacturer of Metrology and Calibration components that are used for testing fuel measurement across the world. We are now producing hundreds of components monthly that are designed and produced for high accuracy measurements of petrol and diesel. These products are vital for ensuring filling stations are dispensing the correct amount each time a fuel pump is used. CFUKC need to ensure the quality of our components are second to none in order to achieve this and we are proud to say that even after producing hundreds of components, not one part has been rejected . Our client has been in production of these products for over 20 years,producing hundreds of components per month which are shipped all over the world. Being a small firm ourselves, this is a brilliant contract for us and it will secure more jobs in the very near future. CFUKC continue to help develop the product further and ensure high quality, consistent parts every time!