Pre preg materials

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CFUK Concepts Ltd., and Engineered Textile Solutions LLC., are pleased to introduce VERSAPREG™ series prepregs to the UK composite market. VERSAPREG™ series prepregs can be processed under a wide range of temperatures and pressures, giving an excellent surface finish even out of autoclave under vacuum only pressure. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET available for further details. Starting with an initial selection of 6 standard prepreg products, our aim is to deliver high quality materials at affordable prices, in quantities as low as 5 metres. Our 204gsm 2/2 twill carbon prepreg starts from as little as £19.85/SQM, including UK delivery. Please get in touch to discuss prices and for full details. Carbon prepreg quantities from 5 metres to 250 metres, and glass prepreg quantities from 5 metres to 400 metres, are supplied by CFUK Concepts Ltd., shipped from our walk-in freezer at our factory in Scotland. Carbon prepreg quantities of 300 metres or more, and glass prepreg quantities of 500 metres or more, are supplied directly by our partners, Engineered Textile Solutions LLC., shipped from a commercial freezer storage facility near Liverpool. Technical Data Sheets, Prices and Samples are available on request. Please feel free to get in touch if you require any of these or have another enquiry.