Why choose CFUKC?

CFUK Concepts Ltd are a UK based company offering a range of products and services for the composite industry – from raw materials, through design and development, to full scale component production.

Carbon Fibre UK Concepts (CFUKC) Ltd was formed in 2015 by James Urquhart and Mark Chisholm, backed by over 20 years’ experience in the Composite industry; from raw material and resin chemistry, through to product development and manufacture.

The company is fortunate enough to own all equipment and premises outright, and therefore be able to operate with minimal overheads. This means we are able to offer very competitive rates for our composite work.

We have two autoclaves on site (the larger of which is a 1.4 metre x 3.0 metre vessel), with separate areas for mould making / wet-lay work, trimming & machining, as well as a fully isolated clean room for prepreg cutting and layup.

CFUKC will cater for companies and individuals; we can offer a comprehensive service to take your idea from the prototype stage, all the way through to full scale production. As well as offering a full range of composite component design and manufacturing services, CFUKC can now supply a comprehensive range of high quality prepreg materials for small and large volume users.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone, Email, or submit an enquiry through the website.